10 Ways To Build Your Child's Self-esteem

Jul 12/2021

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Have you ever seen a child who is trying to achieve something great? They are usually filled with confidence and self-esteem. It's tough not to be inspired by their determination. And this is what we should teach our children - that they can do anything if they put in the work and believe in themselves.

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Importance of Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is very important, when children grow up they need to set a limit to behavior, a perspective to understand and most importantly to know their value and have motivated confidence about life, goals, career and everything.

If you want to live in a society, you need to be practical and dynamic for that self-esteem is a must, to set boundaries, earn respect and most importantly to maintain that respect throughout your lifetime, all these things are very crucial and directly or indirectly are connected to self-esteem.

Ways To Build Self-Esteem

Let us explore ways to build self-esteem in our children so that they grow with a good perspective about what they do, how they do and how to flourish and earn respect in society, the ten ways to build self-esteem are -

Give Honest Feedback

Give positive feedback only about what they do well instead of focusing on what they're not good at. Help them build self-esteem and focus. If you praise them for everything and give them dishonest opinions for their sake, then you're instilling false hope. The more confidence we build in our kids, the better they'll cope with life challenges as adults. We want them to know that it is okay for them not to be perfect! They need this encouragement because no one else will give it or show it if we don't teach them ourselves and support their efforts every day as parents should!

Do Not Compare Them To Someone Else

One of the critical mistakes that parents make is comparing their child to someone else. This is not good for their self-esteem and perspective. Every child is unique and so appreciate their individuality. Always let them know how their unique way of thought influenced you because knowing they could draw a difference in your life will build confidence in their abilities.

Don't Command Them

If you sound commanding to your children, they'll not feel comfortable with you; they'll feel threatened. One way parents should replace saying phrases like "Don't spill!" or "Pay attention" is with encouraging statements such as: "Keep pouring gently" and "I know you are concentrating hard." It will put down their confidence to speak to you, for they'll always assume you're going to be commanding.

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Encourage Them

No matter how big or small each accomplishment is, celebrate it with excitement instead of disappointment. This will teach children that there is always a reward for every good work done. Kids need encouragement more than anything else because there are always people who want to tear apart any little thing he does wrong. For example, always tell her she's beautiful even if she has messy hair from running outside all day with no shoes on. A parent is the first person who can shape a child's esteem.

Show Your Unconditional Love

Don't rely on your child to keep doing good deeds for you to feel loved. The unconditional love that a parent should give their children is the kind of love where they can do no wrong and always be unconditionally accepted, regardless if they are having a bad day or not.

Be Patient With Them

It takes time for children to learn new things, so don't think that it will happen overnight just because you've told him once what needs to be done. Kids have short attention spans, so instead of getting mad at them when they're not listening, repeat what was repeated without raising your voice until they get bored and listen this time around.

Create Fun Activities Together

Plan a day where you and your child go to the zoo, walk through an art museum, or play games together. Spending quality time with them through activities will boost their confidence. It will show them that they can be themselves around you without feeling judged for it.

See How They Make Use Of Technology

If they're constantly on the computer, find out what interests them about it. Ask questions like "What are you playing?" or "What do you think of this game?". This way, you'll figure out their interests, and if it is positive, you can allow them to continue. When you side with their choice of interest, they'll feel like they've gained your trust. In this way, children will be confident that they made their parents proud of themselves by using the technology appropriately. Remember, you, as a parent, are responsible for self-esteem identification.

Do Not Insult Or Punish Your Child

Please do your best always to make sure your child has positive self-esteem by treating them with respect all the time; not just self-esteem but positive self-esteem is much more essential for children. No matter what mistake or failure they might face. Punishing them for small failures will make them feel lost, and as a parent, you should never make them feel abandoned. Never insult your child in front of anyone else if they fail at something. This will kill their confidence, and they'll never wish to face the challenge again.

Listen To Them

Children who get to share their problems with their parents will hope that everything will be fine soon. As children trust their parents more, they'll feel secure when a parent listens to them. You, as a parent, must make sure that you listen to every detail and help them come out of it by themselves! Maintain eye contact while communicating with your children, even young ones like toddlers, so they know you're listening intently and won't feel ashamed for speaking up. It also creates an emotional connection between parent-child relationships, which leads to self-esteem.


It's essential to take care of what we need too. Self-esteem is an important aspect. We're often so busy with our children that we forget about ourselves and how much it affects us! We can help them build their self-esteem when they see us taking care of ourselves. They'll eventually look up to their parent's positive attitude and figure their way out.

Hope this blog helps your take proper measures to build self-esteem in your kids.

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