12 Crafty Kids Activities To Keep Your Children Entertained

Aug 04/2021

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  1. 7 Crafty And Creative Kids Activities To Keep Them Busy
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As a parent, we know that entertaining kids can be challenging. They have short attention spans and are always looking for something new to do. But don't worry! We're here with some tips on kids activities that keep your children entertained. 

It can be pretty hectic finding ways to engage kids nowadays, especially if you don't have much time on your hands. There is a lot of effort and money that goes into finding kids activities for summer. It's a good thing that there are endless creative kids activities available nowadays. Kids activities not only keep them busy but also have health benefits, essential to their development. 

The key is variety: mix up the activities and give them choices, so they stay interested in what's going on. Give them lots of opportunities throughout the day to play outside, get creative, use their imaginations and explore nature.

7 Crafty And Creative Kids Activities To Keep Them Busy

1. Take Them On A Nature Hunt.

kids activities like nature hunt keeps them busy

Let them be the leaders and act as their guide as they play in nature. You'll see a whole different side of your child when you spend time together observing what's growing in your area. The great outdoors is also filled with things that you can easily make into crafts, toys or decorations for your home.

2. Build A Pillow Fort With Them.

Whether you've got pillows stacked in your living room, or a kids bedroom full of soft cushions, arranging them into a fort is one of the best entertainment options for kids to get creative.

3. Get Crafty With Tissue Papers.

use tissues in kids activities

You can utilize tissue paper in fun ways to entertain kids. Tape them on the wall or ceiling, and ask your kids to paint them with bright colours. With these kids activities, you'll be giving them something more than entertainment- the power of imagination!

4. Decorate their T-shirts with their favorite cartoon characters.

If you're running low on entertaining kids activities ideas, why not try decorating your child's T-shirts with their favourite cartoon characters? You can either print out the image or buy a white T-shirt and get creative.

5. Create Artistic Boxes.

child uses boxes to play

If you prefer entertainment to be a little more artistic, then why not use boxes? It is a fun homemade activity for kids that is extremely easy and doesn't require fancy materials.

6. Create A Photo Frame With Recycled Stuff.

You can ask your kids to use leftover materials from their earlier crafts to create a photo frame. Kids activities at home like this will help your kids learn how to use recycled stuff while engaging them simultaneously. Once these photo frames are made, you can even put them up in your kid's room.

7. Create Colorful Bird Feeders.

Outdoor kids activities are not just about playing out in the garden- they can also be educational. You can get your kids to make a feeder for birds by using recycled items and bright paint. You can use it in your garden or backyard. Watch birds gather on it after a while.

8. Do A Science Experiment.

 child does scientific kids activities

Experiment with your kids. Find out how wax melts or how rubber bounces. Get the kids to put a few drops of different coloured dyes into the water in test tubes- it looks pretty cool if I say so myself! You could also teach them about air pressure by getting them to blow up balloons.

9. Make Some Cupcakes.

We all know kids have a sweet tooth! If you have some spare time, make cupcakes and ask your kids to decorate them with all sorts of different sweet toppings. 

10. Take Your Kids Cycling.

If the weather is nice, get your kids to hop on their bicycles and go cycling. If you don't have any kids' bikes, buy one for them- but make sure it's the right size, or they might not be able to reach the pedals.

11. Ask Them To Write A Story.

kids activities like writing story keeps them entertained

Kids love to write stories. If you have some spare time, ask your child to write a story and once they've finished, let them read it to you.

12. Let Them Paint.

If the kids are old enough to handle a paintbrush, set some paper out and let them have some fun painting. Encourage them to be creative- tell them they can do anything they want with the colors!


There are so many ways that you can entertain children. Take the opportunity to explore their creativity with crafty projects or just hone their imagination. The best part about these kids' activities is that they are all pretty easy to do and can be completed quickly. 

So, if your kids are looking for something fun and entertaining to do, you can try one or more of these ideas. It's sure to make them happy (and keep your sanity intact!). 

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