Finding it difficult to juggle work and your kid’s online classes

Jun 02/2021

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  1. 1. Get a cheap smartphone or laptop
  2. 2.Recorded lessons
  3. 3.Get creative with lessons
  4. 4.Set goals and motivate your child to achieve them

Online classes have become the norm for the past year. But at home education is vastly different from studying at school. Here are some tips that will help you properly manage your kid's online classes and make sure they aren't missing out on their education. Online classes have emerged as the new normal amidst the COVID pandemic situation. We are into the 8th month of this situation, and with the regularly increasing cases, there is no doubt that this situation will be better any sooner. With no cure available at the moment, the Indian government has refrained from opening up the educational institutes anytime soon. All the classes will be taken online, and the students will also be giving their exams on the same portal. The online working scenario is not only for the kids but adults as well. Almost all working parents are working from home. Having a child taking an online class and working from home at the same time is a bit complicated work for parents. If you are also finding it difficult to balance work and kids’ online classes, here are a few tips that can help you.

1. Get a cheap smartphone or laptop

For many families, the biggest problem lies in the device that is being used for taking the classes. If you have a spare smart device, then it will not be a problem. But it becomes a challenge for those who don’t have a spare smart device. They have to share their smartphone or tab with their kid for their online classes. There can be a situation where you might get a call from your boss/client, and it will then become a tough call to take it or leave it since you are working from home. So to combat this issue, you can simply buy a low-cost smartphone or a laptop. You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket because there are several second-hand laptops that are considerably cheaper in the market. You can get any of them.

2.Recorded lessons

Many parents are concerned about their kid’s health as well, and they are not wrong to think that excessive screen time will hamper their health. In order to reduce screen time, parents have requested their respective educational institutes to record classes and send them to the students or parents. Parents are right when they think about prolonged screen time impacting their kid’s health. A solution to this problem is to centralize education, thereby making kid’s online education simpler and better. Another solution can be integrating the latest technology that has cloud-based functioning. This enables the students to take classes as per their likings. Using the credentials, they can access the learning material whenever and from wherever they want

3.Get creative with lessons

In schools, it is the teacher’s fear, peer support, and many more motivating things, but on the other hand, when it comes to online teaching, parents might feel that their kids are not giving their 100%. In such cases, parents should make lessons more creative and learning more enjoyable. For online classes, both parents and teachers should cooperate and work together to make every lesson interesting and engaging for the child.

4.Set goals and motivate your child to achieve them

When in school, every student loves to compete with their friends in order to show that they are better in academics. On the other hand, there are physical exercises and games periods that help the students to stay motivated in order to achieve their goals. But during the online classes, your child might not feel energetic or willing enough to take the classes. Managing online classes with your work is going to be difficult for you if your child keeps running away from studies. So, it will be better to keep a tab on their performance. To get that straight, you can set goals, which will keep them motivated for long. Make sure these goals are time-oriented, and your kid feels the need to achieve them. It completely depends on you as to how you will keep them motivated. Above-listed is just a few of many tips that may help you in keeping a good work-life balance. Parenting was never easier, but with this pandemic in play, things have become even more difficult. Managing online classes will be a little intimidating initially for the parents. After all, everyone is going through a sudden change in their work-life balance, and everyone is trying to adjust to the new normal situation. Schools are likely to remain shut unless mass vaccination for Covid-19 starts. Parents, as well as children, need to stay motivated during these unprecedented times and work together. We need to learn step-by-step. We are going through a pandemic, which means we will need each other’s support even more. Indeed, you will face some difficulties; everyone is. Still, by becoming resourceful and keeping a flexible approach, you will notice how well you are able to adapt to the new situation.

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