Quick & Easy Kids Crafts that ANYONE Can Make

Aug 03/2021

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Creating crafts for kids is one of the most fun and rewarding things that a parent can do. This blog post will provide you with tons of quick and easy DIY projects that anyone can make! It's also important to remember that not everyone has the same skill set when it comes to crafting, so there are plenty of easy crafts out there for those who don't consider themselves "crafty."

kids craft ideas

Get Crafty with These Super Quick and Easy Craft Ideas

  • Coloring Cards

Coloring cards are easy to make, and the kids will love them! All you need to do is access some free printable coloring card templates, print them on thick paper, and voila! The coloring card is ready! It can be used for a virtual craft night party that you plan to throw or as an interactive gift to friends and family. Make sure you save some for your kids and yourself, for it is gratifying.

family crafting together

  • Paper roll toys

Paper roll crafts are super easy and fun to make. We all know how much kids love to play with paper rolls. They can turn them into anything they want, so why not use these for a quick and easy craft? Take the paper roll and cut it into strips or squares of varying sizes (depending on your preference). Then glue each strip together in horizontal rows until you have what appears to be a fort or a car or anything. Additionally, if you have color papers, they'll look very cool.

  • Painted baskets

If you have a basket or baskets at home that are of the regular brown shade, let your child have some fun. They'll need to paint the outside of one and, once it's dry, they can turn them inside out. The other basket will be used as a template for their design to know what color paints to buy and how much to use. Let your child get creative with this kid's craft idea!

  • Ombre artwork

Kids love to see how colors blend together. They also usually like bright, beautiful paintings that look tidy. This quick and easy craft will help them do both. Take a large sheet of paper, or if you want something more unique, try using wrapping paper (or any other type). Lay the broad side on your table vertically and give them various shades of color. Now all you need to do is show them an example of an Ombre artwork and sit back to watch their magical hands work.

  • Cute and cool bookmarks

Kids love to read and enjoy trying new things. This craft will let them do both at the same time. It's a very cool bookmark that they can make themselves from their favorite TV show or book character (or anything) and share with friends so they can all have one too! Even if they cannot make something with their favourite thing in the picture, you can teach them to make colorful bookmarks. You can paint in patterns on thick paper and then cut them into bookmarks. Creativity belongs to them!

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  • Stained glass art

This stained glass art is for the more experienced crafter. You'll need to assist your child as glass can be pretty dangerous if it breaks. But, it's a great way to learn about colors and the idea of light refracting. These kids crafts are perfect for any time that you need something unusual or if your child needs help getting their creative juices flowing. And, it's ideal if they have a craft kit on hand to help them create something beautiful that will last forever.

  • Painted t-shirts

If you have two white t-shirts, then you can make one of them into a masterpiece. You'll need to cut the sleeves and neckline off so that it's just an oversized shirt, let your child dive in paint (not dive but let them engage with colour and show their creativity), hang up their creation until it dries, and then iron out all wrinkles with heat. What's next? If it all turns out great, you can start a business with your skilled child's t-shirts!

hand painted t shirt

  • Beaded bracelets

Beaded bracelets are pretty to wear and very easy to make. It takes around 15-20 minutes to complete a bracelet, and you can find various tutorials online to make different types of beaded bracelets. Also, this is again another excellent DIY craft that's been trending and selling well. You can aid your child to become a young entrepreneur by selling their artworks at a fantastic price. Kids lack patience sometimes, but if you give them a box full of vibrant coloured beads and strings, they'll sit and work on their bracelets. Don't overburden them.

beaded bracelets

Final thoughts

Making crafts is not just a way to pass the time but also enhances various skills. Your child's passion for arts can help them increase their craft skills which can open multiple gates in their life. Always be near them while they are working on these crafts, for it can be challenging and sometimes dangerous (e.g., usage of glass, strong adhesive, heavy chemicalized paint, etc.). Thus, stay beside, show them the sample, teach them and watch them grow.

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