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Feb 02/2022

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  1. Why Should Parents Encourage Creative Thinking In Kids?
  2. What are the benefits of creative play in child development?
  3. 6 brilliant activities to Develop Creative Thinking in children
  4. Which are the factors that can contribute to or increase a child's knowledge base?
  5. Sum Up!

Creativity is intelligence having fun" - Albert Einstein. 

What does being creative actually mean? Creativity is a blend of imagination and spontaneity. It is the skill we use to write essays, design projects, paint, construct buildings, aka any action that requires you to imagine. Just like adults, it is also important for kids to involve in creative activities. The ability to be creative helps them make connections with their imagination and also think outside the box. 
A child with a good imagination is happier and more alert. He will be better able to cope with life's twists and turns and more likely to grow into a well-adjusted, secure adult. But, Today's society drives creative thinking to the bottom of the barrel for kids, including kindergarteners, with so much focus on classwork, standard curriculums, and even homework. But abandoning creative thinking and creative activities for kids can have a drastic effect on the growth and creative development of children. So, it is essential to foster creativity in your little ones.

Why Should Parents Encourage Creative Thinking In Kids?

When it comes to a child's creative development, every parent must understand why play or engaging activities are so important for children. According to child psychologists, exercise and creative play not only makes kids more creative but also better problem solvers and more confident than their peers. So, as a parent, you should make creative play an essential part in your child's development. Here onwards, don't think there's nothing to do when you're stuck at home with the kids. Make the most of your children's leisure time to promote their creativity through hands-on activities. 

What are the benefits of creative play in child development?

Want to know more about why creative play is important in child development? Here we go.

  • When children see what they are capable of accomplishing, they feel a boost in self-confidence. 
  • By encouraging your child's imagination through play, they will learn and practice critical thinking skills. 
  • As children participate in more creative activities, they build their "creativity muscles", which will help them to be more imaginative as adults! 
  • When children are engaged in creative projects with their peers, they are practicing social interactions and communicating effectively.
  • Creative activities play an essential role in this problem-solving skill development. When children are engaged in a project, they get the opportunity to work out their problems on their own. 

6 brilliant activities to Develop Creative Thinking in children

So, how do we inspire the power of creativity in our children? Try out these creative development activities for kids. It will involve his entire body, from fine and gross motor skills to visual, auditory, and speech development. 

1. Play Charades With Your Children

The fast-paced nature of charades will appeal to kids since each player has only one minute to act out their object or character. Write a few easy words like "bowling," "reading," "eating," and "laughing" on a paper. If you have older kids, you can include more complicated characters, such as "pirate" and "queen".  

Now fold them in half. Stick the paper slips into a hat or bowl and have each player draw one. The first player must act out their word for 60 seconds without saying anything while everyone else tries to guess. The activity develops on the spot creative thinking in children.

2. Use their Creativity To Create Outfits.

For centuries, children's imagination and creative thinking have been developed through dress-up and pretend games. Encourage kids to construct their fantasy worlds with a trunk of dress-up clothes. Old Halloween costumes, thrift shop finds, and a variety of headgear and accessories may keep kids entertained for hours. 

3. Painting

Arts and crafts are a fantastic method for children to show their imagination and creative thinking. You should go to any craft store and get paint sponges to do this project. Stock up on various colors and paper. Let your kids to make whatever they want. They will become a little dirty. But it's fine as long as they are creative. The more creative children are, the better the results might be.

4. The Game of Back-and-Forth Drawing 

This game requires students to sketch a familiar image alternately, forcing them to think on their feet and invent stuff as the game progresses. As the game grows more complex, it will stimulate your child's imagination. Kids will love this game, and you will earn a sense of closeness to them.

5. Role-playing With A Twist

Allowing children to role play with plush animals or dolls is the most inventive thing you can do. They can create any dialogues and scenes they want here. It not only helps your child become more creative, but it also aids in the development of social skills by studying how people in their environment interact. Allow your child to play with a couple of toy animals and act out whatever they desire. By employing comedic voices, they may be able to create an entirely new universe.

6. Reading can Develop or Encourage Creative Thinking in your child.

The habit of reading enables children to utilize their imagination in ways that movies and television can't. Reading exposes kids to an infinite number of worlds and people to include in their creative play. It also allows them to picture the tale. A child does not have to put in any mental work when watching a television show, but they must envision places, acts, voices, and fees when reading a book. They should use their imaginations to create the tale in their heads.

Which are the factors that can contribute to or increase a child's knowledge base?

As we have covered the creative development activities for children, let us discuss some factors that can contribute to increasing your child's knowledge base. 

  • Storytelling may well be the cornerstone of imaginative development and creativity for your preschooler. And, your child will enjoy it well if you do it every day in a variety of ways – even if it is only in brief moments. 
  • There is plenty of art and craft like paint, draw, mold, build, sculpt, and many other activities for kids. You should support them improve their tactile experiences by giving them free rein over their work. 
  • Keeping children in touch with objects from nature inherently stimulate their imagination. So let them play with open-ended toys like blocks or sand, as it opens endless possibilities to them.
  • Parents should keep young children in particular from being overloaded by images from the media, whether it's television, movies, or computers.

Sum Up!

The creativity of children comes into action when they have continuous experience with new things around them. They engage all their senses when they get encouraged through a variety of play-based activities. The most important thing a parent can do for their child is to be there. It doesn't matter if you're reading, playing games with them, or doing some sort of creative developmental activity together with your child. The point is simply that they have your attention and love no matter what else you are doing during the day. It aids in the development of your child's individuality. 

So, now that you know why playtime is so important for a child's development, make sure your child has plenty of opportunities for these experiences throughout his or her life!

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