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Online Grade 1 Classes for 2021-22 preparation Made Easy For Kids

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The course explores the basics of  EVS (1-2)MathsPublic SpeakingEnglishthrough enjoyable activities.  

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Online Class 1 courses for Kids

These oldest kiddos would have got used to the schooling routine but who is going to take care of certain inner fears which holds them back in life in comparison to kids who are brave enough to discuss anything forefront in the classroom. The concern is relevant to studies no matter what subject and yes, it's addressed to kids’ ‘unassertiveness’ above, which naturally comes along with this age group but doesn’t simply go away. Sometimes rationalizing is the most difficult task and once you have reached that point, brainstorming to the solution becomes facile. We have recognized that these issues can be best resolved if kids are given that personal space while interacting with their teachers, the only thing that they lack in most scenarios.

Our online education for class 1 will offer hands-on activity based learning in which kids can readily interact with their highly qualified and friendly teachers as for any subject. The study materials for class 1 designed by IIT experts to be handed will aid in teaching from teacher’s perspective and better coordination with teachers from kid’s perspective.

Highly Qualified Teachers - Our teachers will devote time in making kids practise EVS, Math, English and Public Speaking during online study for class 1 like kids are having fun with subjects and feeling joyous about learning. They will steer kids in a direction where kids are also learning how to think out of the box.
Flexible Schedule - Our schedules and slots are pretty easy to book for any parents. We are available from Monday to Saturday like any working hours of school and classes will be held typically in English language. The ‘Shareable Certificate’ that we are presenting as a symbol of qualifying from Plufo’s online education domain will help cheer kids for their contribution towards making one of the best online classes for class 1 and ultimately prepare to face the world with courage as for those who have knowledge, seldom fear.

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The course explores the basics of EVS, Numeracy, Literacy and Public Speaking through enjoyable activities. By learning the basics of these subjects, children start exploring new approaches for the existing problems.

Online Class 1 classes

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Friendly Teachers make subjects ‘Student-friendly’

• As kids grow, they tend to look for shortcuts and learn just formulas when they have to deal with Math and especially when they want to spare more time for other things or subjects for that matter. Teachers in such places need to know how to reduce the effort of following algorithms and make them enjoy it like any game or sport that they play.

• When it comes to English, teachers need to build an understanding of how young children learn. It’s true, kids in this standard need not be spoon fed for letters and every word but knowing their area of interest like if a class loves cartoon characters, making up stories and scenarios will hold their attention for long and help learn language with ease.

• No one can connect with nature like kids do, their innocent heart, their curious minds feels in tune with the environment that is constantly evolving like them. Your EVS teacher just gets to chase that very side of them and experience the pleasure of exploring kids who are a bundle of nature.

• Kids' brains are restless, work 10 times more than adults and don't stop unless it appears in public. The shy kid that you are thinking today could grow up to be an iconic presenter in life but wouldn’t it be better if we coach them to express their thoughts and actions verbally fine through Public Speaking classes right at this age?

• This will have a larger impact in not just dashing away in public, but contributing more to society

Your kids might be struggling with their studies till today and as a parent, you might be waiting to enroll in our online education classes and have them sorted. Contact our Teacher Experts to know more about our online education benefits for your kids and Attend FREE LIVE CLASSES to have them personally explore more.

Key Areas focused in Class 1 Curriculum

• Enhancing communication skills- Grade school kids are just learning to interact with their classmates and make friends so the best is to have a personal tutor with whom they feel more comfortable opening up and learn to express their ideas better.

• Theme based concept time- The approach seems more challenging and fun to kids who have been lifted to number grades. They can compare their skills of subjects when applied to the other to know how much sense it makes.

• Math and language skill development- The ability to critically think and solve Math problems begins when kids are upgraded in schools. Exposing playful items to indulge kids in Math concepts and explaining its practical application also helps develop early language skills in them.

• Opportunities for fine and gross motor development- Kids actions are difficult to stop but some activities of EVS allow the performances of hands and eyes together developing their fine motor skills and many actions during Public Speaking develops their gross motor skills.

• Promoting cognitive development- Some of the activities especially Math promotes kids cognitive development in areas of memory, concentration, attention and perception.

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