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Online Grade 3 Classes for 2021-22 preparation Made Easy For Kids

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The course explores the basics of  EVS (1-2)MathsPublic SpeakingEnglishthrough enjoyable activities.  

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Online Class 3 classes and courses for kids

When kids are on the course of overall development, the initial stage of formal education so to speak, class 3 plays a crucial role. Have you ever thought why your kid couldn’t ace the test with high scores in his previous class? He probably wouldn’t have had a proper understanding of concepts but an intimate kind of guidance will reveal their true potential. Online classes for class 3 is the perfect arena where kids will get to have one to one interaction and open up their hearts and minds with our friendly and qualified teachers. This curriculum is designed by IIT experts to suit kids’ weakness and strength so that kids' trust is won, the whole trick lies in it to make every kid master the basic principles of subjects taught in class 3 in the way they can.

Highly Qualified Teachers - Our online classes for 3rd class opens the door of possibilities and opportunities for kids where our dedicated teachers map their brain to how they can deal with their weakness and use their strength to thrive, how they can achieve success in mastering EVS, Science, Public Speaking, English and Math.
Flexible Schedule - Your kids need to learn life skills more than just class 3 subjects and that is what our key objective is. We are available from Monday to Saturday for parents who want to book the schedule and see their kids flourish soon in future. Kids will be furnished with online study material for class 3 designed by our IIT experts to assist them in enhancing their learning process. Our online classes for class 3 students in English are the learning pathways to encourage our students to learn new concepts that significantly enhance their knowledge. In this journey of hands-on-activity based learning, these kids would have struggled to narrow down their weaknesses and hump their strength. We issue a ‘Shareable Certificate’ to praise one battle that they have won in life.

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The course explores the basics of EVS, Science, Public Speaking, English and Math through enjoyable activities. By learning the basics of these subjects, children start exploring new approaches for the existing problems.

Online Class 3 classes

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Friendly Teachers make subjects ‘Student-friendly’

Online classes for kids are an array of hope, for those whose inefficiencies with studies and acquiring skill sets in the physical classroom needs to be met. Our teachers here spread positivity by solely focusing on emphasizing their strength instead of fixing their weakness. Some of their insights will help you understand the upsides of online education and realize Why Learn With Us!

• The treasure trove of information that you give to kids will do no good if their inventive brain isn’t put to exercise for anything you come across Science.

• Make no kids introduced to fractions in class 3 without ensuring they have thorough understanding of numbers, this is a secret to developing kids’ strong logical and analytical skills in Math.

• Kids don’t need to study anything to feel nature, EVS will only make them more sensitive and responsible towards the social environment that consists of natural and man made components.

• Create a unique pattern of learning English, stick to grammar and vocabularies but pull your weight to poems and stories, let kids comprehend reading, writing and speaking so that they build an understanding of all and get a good grasp of speech.

• No matter how upwards kids head in grades, speaking in front of everyone takes a great deal of courage. Public Speaking games and activities help fade the memory of previous intimidating experiences for kids.

To know more about our online education benefits for your kids, Contact our Teacher Experts but to have your kids personally favor Plufo’s online teaching method, Book the Slot and bring them to ATTEND LIVE CLASSES.

Key Areas focused in Class 3 Curriculum

By the end of the course, your kids will develop many skills such as:

• Enhancing communication skills- Kids very enthusiastically contributing to class discussions are the signs of having quality communication ambience because that’s where they learn mostly from.

• Expression through art and cinema- Though art is very subjective in its nature, kids who have learned to fetch art from any subject can deal with the complexity of it nicely. Cinema enchants anyone so kids get the opportunity to move audiences with their portrayal of character and art work behind the scenes however they prefer.

• Theme based concept time- The method adopted is more constructive for young kids as their expanding consciousness can catch the strong link of theme to one subject. A science theme based topic could be minibeast or plants for instance. This concept inspires them to learn any subject through the teaching of one central topic.

• Math and language skill development- Third grade is a big year in kids life, kids are diving expanded form of place values, face values. Drawings and real life objects can now be a good visual support as kids explore multiplication and division omparing and ordering large numbers

• Opportunities for fine and gross motor development- In early childhood, kids' physical activities are focused on practising movements and learning coordination but activities in EVS and Public Speaking hones the ability thereby promoting their fine and gross motor skills development.

• Promoting cognitive development- Your kids’ ability to think, understand, communicate, imagine, remember and predict is determined by the kind of play they are indulged in. Math can be one such subject where every problem can be tackled like a zestful play.

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