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Online Grade 7 Classes for 2021-22 preparation Made Easy For Kids

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The course explores the basics of  EVS (1-2)MathsPublic SpeakingEnglishthrough enjoyable activities.  

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Online Class 7 classes and Courses for kids

Class 7 is the foundation stone in learning when students and parents start taking studies quite seriously. Students are specially prepared right from the beginning to combat the intense pressure of studies along with carrying a good reputation to high school. The vast syllabus and core study requires the helping hand of external tutors and evaluators if parents still care to maintain the reputation of their kids before they move up. Our extensive course in online classes for class 7 will boost their exam preparation and get them moving to practise social and other skills necessary in life.

A ‘Shareable Certificate’ will remind children of their true caliber, they discovered in our step by step learning path, and further inspire them to self-analyze on our platform which is acknowledged as one of the best online classes in the country mostly for the same reason.

Highly Qualified Teachers - This is the best opportunity to get access to our friendly and qualified teachers who are one subscription away from you. Our interactive online class is a wonderful personalised teaching platform where they collaborate to engage and stimulate young minds, study materials for class 7 designed by IIT experts here serves as the source of reference later offline.
Flexible Schedule - Parents can choose to immerse their kids in our online classes for 7th class students any day and hour between Monday to Saturday from the comfort of their mobile, PC or tablet devices. Remember, your kids' progress in this grade will be highlighted like a rainbow so to make their impression strong, take our hands-on activity based learning in full support.

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The course explores the basics of Science, Math, Social Studies, Public Speaking and English through enjoyable activities. By learning the basics of these subjects, children start exploring new approaches for the existing problems.

Online Class 7 classes

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Friendly Teachers make subjects ‘Student-friendly’

Our proficient teachers choose impeccable teaching methodology to empower students' creativity in excelling academically. Their immense knowledge in eclectic fields of study are prominent below in making one accept, Why Learn With Us!

• Subjects under Social Studies can be explained in a number of interrelated ways- systematically, regionally, descriptively and analytically, making all the critical, exciting and challenging set of learning involved in it, a happening experience for students to remember lifelong.

• A brief introduction to whole numbers is necessary to make positive or negative integers study in Math give a feel of the real numbers. This will give a new perspective of integers in terms of its properties and importance.

• The by default nature of logic of Science needs a clear language of interpretation and the concepts or principles explained precisely to avoid confusion as you proceed to the next topic and always throwing questions to recapitulate what has been learned.

• Its true English is an universal language and knowledge of vocabulary and speech goes a long way in smooth operation of any sector in this vast world. Your teacher would still enjoy engrossing you in stories and poems in it, that lead you to deep thinking.

• Clarity is the hallmark of a good speech and Public Speaking will give you a practice of coherencing your thoughts to short and crisp sentences that will keep listeners attention on.

Experience a free demo by ATTENDING LIVE CLASSES and start learning from the best teachers in our online classes for kids. In case parents intend to settle their rising curiosity about our online education benefits for their kids first, in-house Teacher Experts here would love to get in touch with you soon.

Key Areas focused in Class 7 Curriculum

By the end of the course, your kids will develop many skills such as:

• Enhancing communication skills- Our education concept relies much on preparing a student for finest communication so that they contribute more to class discussions, ultimately achieve more from their experience in class and become more productive members in group projects. The skill they learn here is completely vital and transferable across all aspects of their lives.

• Theme based concept time- This is the ideal form of study as your Social Study or Science skills will be put into test when applying on theme study. You will realize how facts are interconnected like if you want to study environmental science, you may have to consider Social Studies and not just scientific matters.

• Math and language skill development- Word problems in Math would have few numbers but mostly words to work on which is why students require language skills to attempt identifying and solving the problem.

• Opportunities for fine and gross motor development- All the activities in studies- Public Speaking, writing, Science and Social Studies experiments makes fine and gross use of your motor skills.

• Promoting cognitive development- Math is one among many subjects, students deal in this grade which hones decision making and problem solving skills through many exercises, which ensures cognitive development in children.

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