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Online Grade 8 Classes for 2021-22 preparation Made Easy For Kids

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The course explores the basics of  EVS (1-2)MathsPublic SpeakingEnglishthrough enjoyable activities.  

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Online Grade 8 Classes and Courses for kids

Think your kid has passed the storm of life, once he/she has reached high school? However where one phase of fundamental learning is over another phase of advanced learning begins which even allows them to dig deep, work hard on themselves and mould their personalities. Our online classes for class 8 focus on workshops that strengthen their conceptual understanding as they seek more maturity towards studies. It isn’t enough that students become exemplary in academics because life’s challenges are tougher and as parents and teachers, we want to prepare for them well in advance. Children may realize later that high school was the most happening place, having enjoyed this huge transformation over the years due to their indulgence in the most interactive form of education that starts here in Plufo which is one of the best online classes certified today.

Highly Qualified Teachers - A one on one mentor, proper guidance is what our friendly and qualified teachers would provide, for students to have a strong grip on subjects further in their secondary and higher secondary classes. In addition, IIT designed study materials for class 8 are delivered to make our hands-on activity based learning experiences full fledged.
Flexible Schedule - We have made digital learning more accessible and fun for parents who wish to enroll their children in our online classes for 8th class students from Monday to Saturday just within the comfort of their homes anytime scheduled. Students get to enjoy personal coaching adventures and parents can keep a track of their children’s learning graphs.A ‘Shareable Certificate’ will remind children of their true caliber, they discovered in our step by step learning path, and further inspire them to self-analyze on our platform which is acknowledged as one of the best online classes in the country mostly for the same reason.

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The course explores the basics of Science, Math, Social Studies, Public Speaking and English through enjoyable activities. By learning the basics of these subjects, children start exploring new approaches for the existing problems.

Online Class 8 classes

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Friendly Teachers make subjects ‘Student-friendly’

Class 8 is a turning point in any student’s life whether or not they shift their schools. Teachers in such places, in their minds should be a tough shield to take student’s impatience and immaturities appearing in their behaviours as they are dealing with this change in their lives. Our proficient teachers here are just that capable of taking responsibility for these children who in their guidance can prove to be a fair youth.

Teaching is a reflection of one’s thinking and below are some patterns that they follow to achieve the same, definitely worth impressing parents to believe, Why Learn With Us!

• One segment of Social Studies introduces students to the parliament, constitution, function of the judiciary system and how various other laws in India work and another how people had struggled for independence here.
The History and Civics unites us with the country, how it's imperative to be aware of norms and policies, how far we have come in attaining independence and globalizing with the world, how their contribution can make any amount of difference in the state, country or world for that matter after all; “Educating youth and women has the most advantage, the country can bet to obtain some huge benefits in the long run.”

• All the rational numbers in the number line, laws of exponents and powers to be deconstructed for the logic to easily get into children’s heads. Math should always feel like using new features in an old device.

• Science has acquired a value like never before in a technologically advanced world today. The literacy of science has become challenging for teachers as there are high chances, students who are scientifically literate in school may take up this subject as their career choice later.

• Because English is a language for everything and anything today, teachers have to have a professional fluency in it, to be able to enrich student’s knowledge as they have landed at a grade from where mature conversations are expected to begin.

• A good speech comes with abundant practice so long forms like podcasting and speaking engagements like impromptu or demonstration speech, group discussion in Public Speaking classes enables students to confidently participate in long lectures, debate or discussions with their fellow friends and listeners.

Now it's time to come in contact with in-house Teacher Experts who will answer all your doubts in terms of our online education benefits for your children. Take our best advice and let the student candidates themselves ATTEND LIVE CLASSES and explore the world of Plufo’s online classes for kids- a step towards revolutionizing education.

Key Areas focussed in Class 8 Curriculum

By the end of the course, your kids will develop many skills such as:

• Enhancing communication skills- An incredible and interesting speech or communication occurs among students, when teachers are successful in creating that kind of ambience where everyone normally is well spoken.

• Theme based concept time- Students begin to understand the vision of theme based concept finally here.
How scientific, mathematical, language, etc. knowledge that they are equipped with are enhancing their life skills and in turn helping them make informed decisions, solve problems, think creatively or critically, communicate effectively, build healthy relationship, empathize with others, cope with challenges and manage their lives in a healthy and productive manner.

• Math and language skill development- The knowledge of profit and loss, percentage, interest, discounts and taxes requires a proper understanding of terms, sentences, numbers, formulas and calculations to solve the relevant questions.

• Opportunities for fine and gross motor development- All the activities in studies- Public Speaking, writing, Science and Social Studies experiments makes fine and gross use of your motor skills.

• Promoting cognitive development- Accounting again in Math is that problem students encounter in day to day life which gets them into critical thinking over the course of solving them and this rapidly promotes cognitive development in children.

So, what are you waiting for!

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