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Online K2 Classes for 2021-22 preparation Made Easy For Kids

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The course explores the basics of  EVS (1-2)MathsPublic SpeakingEnglishthrough enjoyable activities.  

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Online UKG Classes & Courses for Kids

Most children feel stressed when they go to school. The idea of leaving their comfort zone at home, and entering an unfamiliar world haunts them. Then Imagine Preschooling is just the beginning of academics for them. It is not unknown that children feel a little nervous about being noticed and teased by their peers at this age which keeps them away from clearing their doubts in the class. If this goes on for a long time, a good teacher is always concerned about the child’s doubts piling up. In the given scenario, the online learning classes for UKG, we felt is apt for children to pick up from where they had missed. Also at home, parents can help understand and revise the course and concepts they studied online. To make things a lot easier, they can learn and visualise while watching videos which are part of our UKG class study materials. Moreover, the ongoing threat of pandemic such as Covid-19, is never going to make any difference to this form of academic training which is here to complete their ‘so far’ informal education.

Highly Qualified Teachers - Our highly qualified, friendly and dedicated teachers understand how subjects like Art, Numeracy, Literacy and Dance should be effectively taught to children who have reached one level of education and are about to step into an elementary school tomorrow.
Flexible Schedule - Parents can easily book the slot and schedule classes from Monday to Saturday which is available clearly in English language and how can we release your kids without handing a proper ‘Shareable Certificate’ towards the end of the course. They have qualified from Plufo.com and under the delivery of hands-on activity based learning and in our best practice trained to lead the principle of every subject better.

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The course explores the basics of Art, Numeracy, Literacy and Dance through enjoyable activities. By learning the basics of these subjects, children start exploring new approaches for the existing problems.

Online UKG classes

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Friendly Teachers make subjects ‘Student-friendly’

Our Teachers know kids’ endless potentials once they have stepped up to UKG and teach the way they learn.

• The kids by this age and grade are capable of understanding that without Math, there’s nothing one can do, everything around them is Math only if their Math teacher is that ‘Simple’ and ‘Sorted’. Our teachers use Math as a tool to make anything logical to kids and make them understand the world around them.

• Reading and Writing? No! Your kids would have come far away in Literacy, started enjoying pranks behind little ‘verbs’, not mind sleeping on their mama’s lap when she is trying to read a story, etc. Just ensure your teacher’s real profession is an awakener.

• Your Art Teacher is the one who has read your mind before you. Kids can act and conduct themselves better in any medium when they have subtly understood the art of discovering themselves which is beautifully infused by their teacher.

• Kids learn to watch their steps while Dancing, the more they grow. They listen to the rhythm in a beat, they try to sync and sway, when figuring the song in the beat of their feet is the secret order being taught by a good dance teacher.

As a parent, you might want to know more about our online education classes and online education benefits for your kids. Contact our Teacher Experts to Attend FREE LIVE CLASSES and have kids explore this platform and exploit the benefits.

Key Areas focused in UKG Curriculum

• Enhancing communication skills- Interactive communications in pre-school better kids listening and speaking skills and help enthusiastically share their experiences. Kids also learn by absorbing information through daily interactions and experiences with adults, family members and other kids in the world.

• Expression through art and cinema- Art is an irreplaceable way of understanding and expressing what kids feel about the world and cinema makes it obvious.

• Theme based concept time- Kids get the opportunity of applying their academic skills like Math, fine art, art, etc into subjects and understand how certain facts and ideas connect to the other subjects.

• Math and language skill development- Kids can have a strong foundation in Math by learning to use various ideas of symbols, words, pictures, objects, size, shape, position, space, direction, etc by which they can also acquire language skill early.

• Opportunities for fine and gross motor development- Activities in art & craft impels kids' hands and eyes to coordinate well, further developing their fine motor skills whereas activities like dance rapidly promotes gross motor skills of kids.

• Promoting cognitive development- Some of the activities especially Math promotes kids cognitive development in areas of memory, concentration, attention and perception.

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