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Plufo is an online platform that caters to young kids not only on academic levels but on a holistic multidimensional band of criteria and cultivates young talent to their maximum possible potential. With our empathetic teachers helping your young ones build solid foundational knowledge and develop problem-solving skills beyond their years as well as refining their extracurricular proficiencies, Plufo helps students flourish majestically. Given some time with the young potential of your little ones, our platform helps build higher-order thinking skills and guides them to become curious, confident, and independent life-long learners.

Plufo has a younger-audience-only policy so that all our care, attention and efforts are directed towards curating lifelong learners at an early age itself. We currently have a wide variety of multidisciplinary courses ranging from kindergarten to 8th standard.

Yes, all trial classes and associated perks are free of charge and require just a basic sign-up and a will to see your child flourish.

Yes, all our students are placed in batches and classes according to their boards and syllabuses.

While we cannot deny that there are many other edtech platforms as far as India as a country is concerned, where Plufo really blazes its own trail is in our method of teaching. All our teachers are tested specifically for psychological rapport-building with our students. With our extremely small class sizes of 5 to 10 students each, our teachers are able to pay attention to and gauge the strengths and weaknesses of every child in their classes, thereby making the whole experience up to 10 times more efficient and effective.

Throughout the course, Plufo provides comprehensive and thorough progress reports to keep the parents informed and updated about their child’s learning arc. These reports can keep the parents aware if their young ones are slacking off in their academics or have begun to show significant improvement in their intellectual pursuits.

Apart from our carefully curated and customised curriculum, Plufo provides a lot of curriculum-related reading material along with worksheets regularly. We also have several extracurricular classes going on at all times which are open for anyone who’s interested in that particular activity.

Course prices vary based on the duration of the course and the grade of your child. All the prices are available on the website. Simply click on buy now and select your child’s grade to know the prices.

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