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At Plufo, we are committed to providing the best in class education for your child.We offer a online pre-nursery to grade 8 courses that can help them find their passion and develop the skills they need to succeed in life. Our teachers are qualified professionals who know how to make education fun for kids, so there’s no risk of getting bored with these lessons. Click now to enroll them today!
Not every child can cope with the speed of class in preschool. Online Learning is suitable for children who desperately need personal attention under the mentor of skilled teachers.
Traditional day care lets parents pursue their work but at the huge cost of their child’s learning and development. An experienced Online Learning Platform with skilled teachers can admirably compensate for it.
The timid nature of some kids restricts them from clearing doubts in class. With Plufo’s Online Learning, our skilled teachers can help them get rid of this timidity and clear their doubts right at home.
Grade 1
Usually inner fears among kids can be best resolved if they are given personal space while interacting with skilled teachers. Online Learning Classes can help them best.
Grade 2
Children’s attitude towards learning changes a bit in this grade. So to counter any shortcomings in their knowledge base it’s better to switch over to Online Learning from an experienced educator.
Grade 3
Intimate guidance from qualified teachers will reveal every Kid’s true potential which otherwise goes unnoticed in school. Our Online Learning Classes can be that perfect arena for a flying start.
Grade 4
If your kid is struggling to catch up with classmates, through Plufo’s Online Learning Classes he/she can have a personal mentor for establishing a solid foundation.
Grade 5
In primary school, kids mostly struggle to meet the expectations of a vast curriculum. A dynamic, hands-on activity based Online Learning program will do the trick for them.
Grade 6
Counter the number of distractions your kid might be facing in school with our Online Learning Classes that provide a healthy environment, personal interaction, impressive learning and a lot more.
Grade 7
This grade lays the foundation in learning. Our Online Learning can boost exam preparation, help kids acquire other skills necessary in life and settle parent’s concerns as well.
Grade 8
This is the grade where fundamental learning is over and advanced learning begins. Our Online Learning focuses on strengthening their conceptual understanding of subjects thoroughly and prepares them for life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Plufo is an online platform that caters to young kids not only on academic levels but on a holistic multidimensional band of criteria and cultivates young talent to their maximum possible potential. With our empathetic teachers helping your young ones build solid foundational knowledge and develop problem-solving skills beyond their years as well as refining their extracurricular proficiencies, Plufo helps students flourish majestically. Given some time with the young potential of your little ones, our platform helps build higher-order thinking skills and guides them to become curious, confident, and independent life-long learners.

Plufo has a younger-audience-only policy so that all our care, attention and efforts are directed towards curating lifelong learners at an early age itself. We currently have a wide variety of multidisciplinary courses ranging from kindergarten to 8th standard.

Yes, all trial classes and associated perks are free of charge and require just a basic sign-up and a will to see your child flourish.